Geologies of the Screen

The Periodic Table





…the place of which I have no desire to call to mind looks to the pending extraction of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in La Mancha, Spain, leading the viewer on a quixotic passage that weaves through the complex and often competing cultural and environmental narratives of mineral extraction.

A hypergeography reveals various layers of meaning and interpretation, allowing one to navigate and dwell momentarily on instances that highlight tensions and ruptures produced when geopolitical interests descend on and impact physical local environments.

The colonization of territory begins with the imagining of that land and its natural elements as property that can be harnessed and claimed. Resisting forces of exploitation, therefore, requires an even more potent fantasy. Following the episodic nature of La Mancha's most famous literary tale, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, the moments in …the place of which I have no desire to call to mind evade and neglect to form one cohesive or linear narrative, serving instead as a series of thoughts and provocations from which an alternate story might be produced.